Power Veterans Initiative:
When Purpose ELEVATES Business

In our more than 25 years as an exterior home remodeler, we’ve had our share of great ideas. Some ideas produced tangible value. They increased efficiencies, boosted profits, and reinforced our position as a leader of the remodeling industry. Some ideas produced results of a different kind. They transformed lives by empowering our employees to realize their dreams, find their purpose, and build their legacies. But every so often, we’ll have a spark of inspiration that combines profitability with immeasurable human impact.

The Power Veterans Initiative is that spark. We believe that the skills and strengths of military veterans make them a unique and tangible asset, and hiring them positively impacts business success. By focusing our resources into hiring, developing, and retaining veterans and military spouses, we’re not only becoming a better business, but we’re empowering these dynamic individuals to find purpose in their careers again.

The mission

The Power Veterans Initiative is pioneering a unique approach to boosting business success while empowering a community that has selflessly served our nation.


The team

Through the Power Veterans Initiative, it’s our mission to become the best workplace in the country for veterans and military spouses, and inspire other businesses to tap into this invaluable resource. Meet the team leading the charge.


The future

For decades, veterans have been viewed as charity, but we’re debunking that false narrative. Learn how veterans at Power are fueling business success.


are you a veteran or military spouse LOOKING FOR A THRIVING CAREER?

how about A $3,000 HIRING BONUS?



contact us

There are many ways to stay connected to our initiative. Whether you’re a veteran, military spouse or citizen soldier, feel free to contact our team at militaryaffairs@powerhrg.com