The Ultimate Guide to
Recruiting Veterans

Brought to you by the Power Veterans Initiative

 So you’ve heard that military veterans are the secret sauce to a thriving business. If you’re ready to take action but have no idea where to begin, we’ll tell you where to find the best and brightest veteran talent for your business, and how to attract them to your tribe.


If you’ve been running in purely civilian circles, you may be clueless on where to find veterans - spoiler alert: they’re just like you. But since the transition from the military can be a rocky one, you’ll likely find them in transitional careers like:

  • Uber / Lyft Drivers; they’ll get you to your destination faster than a GPS

  • Bartenders and servers at cool dive bars, as was the case with our National Director of Military Affairs

  • Captain America stunt double training camp; no surprise here



Now that you’re positioned to cross paths with this impressive subset of the human race, what are the tell-tale signs of a veteran?

  • K.I.A. Bracelet, commemorating a fallen friend

  • Survival Bracelet, preparing for the next zombie apocalypse

  • Red, white and blue Speedos, celebrating the freedom they fought for



Once you spot a veteran in their natural habitat, here are a few ways to break the ice and let them know you come in peace:

  • Ask them about places they’ve traveled to

  • Learn about humanitarian missions they’ve completed

  • Get zombie apocalypse preparation tips



When pitching your company, the following attributes of a workplace get a veteran pumped to learn more. Just make sure you deliver on your promises because a veteran can smell a lie from miles away.

  • Structure, training, and camaraderie

  • A sense of challenge, belonging, and purpose

  • Readily available pull-up bars



You may find that social media is an easier way to find veterans. (They’re just like us, remember?) Here are a few post ideas that will intrigue a veteran to look into your company - must include a strong call to action because, duh.

  • A post about your company’s veterans initiative

  • A photo of you and your co-workers sharing camaraderie and working for a common goal

  • A photo of your team fighting tyranny and overthrowing a dictator


Above all, remember that veterans are people just like you. They love, laugh, cry, dream, and seek meaningful careers just like everyone else. Now that you’re armed with all the insight you’ll need, Operation Referral starts today!


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