The mission


As the nation’s largest exterior home remodeler, Power is founded on values that are closely aligned with those of the military; community, purpose, and a relentless dedication to improvement. Our commitment to upholding these shared values and building our leadership from the ground up is the reason why veterans and military spouses are disproportionately successful at Power.

This reality led our National Director of Military Affairs, Michael Hansen, to pioneer a unique approach to boosting business success while empowering a community that has selflessly served our nation. Changing the narrative of an entire nation is an uphill battle. Shattering deeply rooted stereotypes isn’t easy. But if there’s one thing that doesn’t intimidate veterans, it’s a challenge.


the methodology

For many veterans, their identity, community, and sense of purpose is centered around their military service. When they separate from the military, it leaves a void in their lives. To deepen the blow, most of corporate America doesn’t value or even understand the skills of the military community and how it can improve business.

Our initiative focuses on creating a scalable system that hires and develops military veterans, and helps them redefine their identity outside the military. We strongly believe in measuring performance and making a significant impact on business objectives while cutting costs and boosting efficiency.

the future


As we look forward to 2019 and beyond, our business faces rapid growth. However, rapid growth can present challenges that we’ve never tackled before.

Fortunately for us, the veterans within our walls have tackled the challenges of one of the largest organizations in the world; the Department of Defense. Their experience creating solutions for an entity of that scale makes them a vital resource when facing similar problems at Power.



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There are many ways to stay connected to our initiative. Whether you’re a veteran, military spouse or citizen soldier, feel free to contact our team at